Together in the Universe of Sound:
Frans Poelstra & Oleg Soulimenko: MADE IN HOME

Sat 16.10.2021 at 18.00
Duration ca. 50 min,
discussion after the performance

Maunula House, Metsäpurosali
Metsäpurontie 4, Helsinki


Our stage will be like a construction site because it’s the place where we are going to build our home.

Our home is made of everyday objects, things we find on the street (we are quite ecological, but we have our flaws), music instruments, songs, little dances, poetry, and our bodies. Our home will be safe and the perfect place to let our staggering creativity blossom. And we the performers will be undisturbed, driven, and purposeful in accomplishing our task: the creation of MADE IN HOME.

Our music is a mix of neo-folklore, total jazz, psychedelic ghost punk, contemporary-country & (very) western, minimal indy grunge, deep lounge house, plus a touch of downtempo fusion. Our lyrics come straight from the dance floor, our bones, our home countries, and today’s global politics. Fuck Greed, fuck Pooting! Hurray to the necessary ones! And yes, we play with great enthusiasm and love!

You can look at MADE IN HOME as a concert, you can hear it as a performance, and you can feel it as a work of art.

Oleg Soulimenko (RUS/A)
Born far away and living near you, Oleg Soulimenko is an artist who likes doing too many different things. He grew up in a huge city where it was not allowed to listen to rock’n’roll and to dance with a naked torso, but he did both. For the last 20 years he’s lived in Vienna, thousands of miles away from that place. Oleg is well-known as a longtime survivor in a country of which he cannot speak the language. His work is recognisable through his very personal style and autobiographical contexts. Oleg is working in the fields of performance art and contemporary dance in Austria, Europe, and the USA.

Frans Poelstra (NL/A)
As a child Frans Poelstra spent more time staring into the waters of the canals in Amsterdam than at school. Dreaming of becoming the next Jimi Hendrix, but having no talent to play the guitar, he decided to work in the arts — the place where you can dream professionally. For him, performing is a matter of keeping channels open in order to think, to listen, and to dream. He makes work which mixes dance with theatre, music, and visual arts in a way which makes people think: “Am I dreaming, is this really possible or at least acceptable?” And like Oleg, Frans is also working in the fields of performance art and contemporary dance in Austria, Europe, but no longer in the USA.


The performance is part of Together in the Universe of Sound Festival which takes place at Maunula House on two weekends in October: Oct 15-16 and 29-30. With a festival pass you gain access to all the festival performances. The event is produced by Oblivia and Liisa Pentti +Co in collaboration with Maunula House.

Event is organised in collaboration with Maunula House and it is supported by DANCE ON TOUR AUSTRIA – a project by Tanzquartier Wien in cooperation with the Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs. Goethe-Institut Finnland, City if Helsinki, Konstsamfundet, Stiftelsen Tre Smeder, Finnish Cultural Foundation and Arts Promotion Centre.

Photo: Lise Lendais