For professionals

The educational activities for professionals in dance and the performing arts are based on Liisa Pentti’s long-time and versatile history as a teacher.

Morning classes for dance and performing arts professionals are among the basic activities of the group. Liisa Pentti also directs weekend workshops for professionals and amateurs. In the workshops, the artistic practice of Pentti and the exercises deduced from it are made familiar, often through themes revolving around combining sound, movement and text. 

Audience Work

The purpose of the group’s audience work is to reach different kinds of publics and to bring dance to areas and audiences who don’t often get to experience it. In conjunction with tour performances the group organizes free, low threshold workshops.

Oodi Day

The group initiated the Oodi Day format in 2020 with the purpose of showcasing contemporary dance in low threshold spaces and connecting with new audiences. The event consists of a free workshop session with Liisa Pentti about a specific work’s themes that is open for everyone, sequences of the work itself, as well as an audience discussion.

Community Work

Liisa Pentti +Co’s longest running and most established form of community work are dance lessons for young people on the autism spectrum. They have been organized regularly since 2015 in cooperation with Zodiak – Center for New Dance. Starting from Fall of 2022, the lessons will be executed wholly as part of the group’s own work. In addition to weekly dance classes the group has produced two full-length works with the faction, Too much, too young in 2018 and Neljä x Duetto + 1 in 2021. 

In the Spring of 2022, the group made a teaching visit to the Kinapori senior centre’s memory disorder patients and held a workshop at the Helsinki Girls’ House.

Dance classes for people of autism spectrum 

Plenty of activities take place during the classes, the most common being exercises combining dance and music that aim at producing individual movement. The exercises are based on Liisa Pentti’s 40-year experience with contact improvisation, the Todd Alignment technique and Body-Mind Centering© methods.

The spring season 2024 starts on Thursday 25.1.2024.

The classes take place on Thursdays at Performance Center Eskus in Suvilahti. If you’re interested in attending, contact us at 

The fee for autumn term 2024 is 230 eur, including 14 lessons. The last lesson is on 16.5.

Liisa Pentti +Co was a partner in a project led by the Autism Foundation in which online remote dance courses for neurodivergent adults. Taking place in Fall 2022, the project’s aim was to enhance the accessibility of dance for neurodivergent people, and to try out new forms of cooperation between arts and culture bodies and social services and health care organizations. The remote dance classes are developed by combining the know-hows of professional dancers and social and health care professionals. The Autism Foundation ran the project with funding granted by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland.