Our studio is located in Hernesaari and includes an appr. 80 m2 dance studio, a lobby and about a 25 m2 space for office use or group work. The studio provides a physical setting for the dance community around Liisa Pentti +Co. The studio has served as an all-year-round site for events, teaching and Summer residencies. The studio has a grey wall-to-wall dance mat and a PA system.

See photos of the studio here.

Summer Residency Programme

In 2020, Liisa Pentti +Co started a Summer residency programme in their studio for dance and performance groups and artists working either in Finland or internationally. The aim of the residency is to provide artists and groups a peaceful working space for e.g. research or working towards a future production. At the end of their residency period, the artists have an opportunity to arrange a work-in-progress type of performance or event.

Summer 2022

Application period for Summer residency 2022 has ended.

Artists selected for Summer residency 2022:

Matilda Aaltonen
+ working group
Ingrid André
Krista Arppo & Tommi Uniluoto
Jenna Broas
+ working group
Sara Grotenfelt
Elsa Heikkilä
+ working group
Selma Hopsu
Mira Kautto
Ella-Noora Koikkalainen
Viki Kontopoulou
+ working group
Katri Liikola
Vilma Mankonen
+ working group
Christopher Williams
+ working group.