Open call: Summer residency 2023

Liisa Pentti +Co offers a residency programme in the company’s studio in Helsinki for dance and performance artists and working groups working in Finland and abroad. The residency period is June-July 2023. The aim of the residency programme is to offer a peaceful working space for research or for working towards a future production. During the residency, it is possible to present a work-in-progress showing or a small event at the studio, but this is not expected.

We offer 1-week half and full day residency periods between 26.6.-30.7.2023. The size of the studio is 80 m², and in addition there is an office / lounge space of appr. 25 m². The height of the space is about 3,1 metres and the studio has windows on one side. The facility has a grey marley flooring, fluorescent tube lighting and a sound system. There is a no shoes policy at the studio.

The application period for the residency is now open and ends on Friday 24.3.2023 at 23.59. The informal application must include the artist’s or contact person’s contact information, a plan for the working period, possible periods for the residency, CVs for as many members of the working group as possible and 1 to 2 video links to previous works.

Send your application to by 24.3.2023 with topic “Summer residency 2023”. All applicants will be informed about the results via email by 16.4.2023.

For more information about the residency programme contact Liisa Pentti at


Our studio is located in Hernesaari at address Laivakatu 5 K and includes an appr. 80 m2 dance studio, a lobby and about a 25 m2 space for office use or group work. The studio provides a physical setting for the dance community around Liisa Pentti +Co. The studio has served as an all-year-round site for events, teaching and Summer residencies. The studio has a grey wall-to-wall dance mat and a PA system.

See photos of the studio here.

Summer Residency Programme

In 2020, Liisa Pentti +Co started a Summer residency programme in their studio for dance and performance groups and artists working either in Finland or internationally. The aim of the residency is to provide artists and groups a peaceful working space for e.g. research or working towards a future production. At the end of their residency period, the artists have an opportunity to arrange a work-in-progress type of performance or event.