aka Flocking around the theme of kinesthetic empathy

Silke Z. und die metabolisten:
WE. The Empathetic Body Vol. 1

Wed 15.3.2023 at 19.00
Thu 16.3.2023 at 19.00

Liisa Pentti +Co:
Spaceparticles #23

Fri 17.3.2023 at 19.00
Sat 18.3.2023 at 15.00

Cirko – Center for New Circus, Maneesi
Kaasutehtaankatu 1, Helsinki

Single tickets 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 eur Combo ticket Spaceparticles + WE 18 eur

Book your tickets online via Fienta

Wheelchair user space bookings to performances via email:
Free entry for personal assistants and interpreters.

Venue box office opens 1 hour prior to the performance if any tickets left.

Documentary film
Dance Lesson, directed by Sari Antikainen
Wed-Fri 15.–17.3.2023 at 18.15
Sat 18.3.2023 at 14.15
Cirko – Center for New Circus, foyer
Free entry

Liisa Pentti:
Music and dance

Wed 15.3.2023 at 10.00–12.30

Silke Z.:
# 1 WE (The empathetic body). Dance laboratory with artistic working methods

Fri 17.3.2023 at 11.00–14.00

Liisa Pentti + Co Studio

Workshop participation fee 15 eur

Reservations online via Fienta

Dialogue: Ulla Koivisto & Mary Prestidge
Thu 16.3.2023 at 16.30–17.30
The Performance Arts Centre - Eskus, Kaasutehtaankatu 1, Helsinki
Free entry

Experiences of kinesthetic empathy and dance
Sat 18.3.2023 at 16.30–18.00
Cirko - Center for New Circus, Maneesi
Free entry

The SpaceP_EBody event dives into various experiences of body-based empathy and kinesthesia.

At a time ravaged by a pandemic and the war in Ukraine, it feels important to engage in performative actions that hopefully both bring us closer to one another and arouse our curiosity – serving to awaken new questions yet again.

The Covid pandemic forced us to isolate ourselves and lock ourselves in our homes in an unprecedented way. It has only been a year since our gatherings and encounters were restricted. That time already seems distant – but the impact of the traces left in us is only now with time gradually becoming apparent. SpaceP_EBody brings together different perspectives on how kinesthetic empathy can be conveyed through dance, and what forms it takes as dance. Indeed: is empathy always a positive thing?

The event includes presentations, a workshop, discussions, reflections, history, and a documentary film. SpaceP_EBody is a multi-directional network of informal events in the post-pandemic era.

Two performances are presented in the frame of the event. The German choreographer Silke Z. and her die metabolisten ensemble will present the work WE. The Empathetic Body Vol.1 as the first part of a multi-year project. In addition, Liisa Pentti +Co will present the latest version of the performance series Spaceparticles, based on Terry Riley's classic composition In C from 1964.

The full programme will be published during February.

The event is supported by Exportförderung Land NRW and Finnland-Institut in Deutschland / TelepArt Mobility Support.

Photos: Claudia Grünig,  Beppo Leichenich, Esko Koivisto