Liisa Pentti +Co & Sirius Teatern: Fraudulent Light – and the Epidemy of Oblivion

Premiere 4.11.2022
Further performances:
9.11., 12.11., 23.11., 26.11., 30.11.,
2.12., 3.12., 7.12., 9.12., 14.12.

Theatre House Universum Perämiehenkatu 13


Fraudulent Light – and the Epidemy of Oblivion is an experimental dance theatre piece. It is based on the idea of the present illuminated from all directions, as a pastless and ghostless space without protective darkness, as presented by art history professor Jonathan Crary in his book 24/7 (2013).

A 24/7 world is a disenchanted one in its eradication of shadows and obscurity and of alternate temporalities. It is a world identical to itself, a world with the shallowest of pasts, and thus in principle without specters. But the homogeneity of the present is an effect of the fraudulent brightness that presumes to extend everywhere and to preempt any mystery or unknowability. A 24/7 world produces an apparent equivalence between what is immediately available, accessible, or utilizable and what exists.

The artistic starting points of the piece are Pina Bausch's classic choreographies 1980 - ein Stück von Pina Bausch (1980) and Walzer (1982). From these foundations, Fraudulent Light emerges as a 'ghost theatre': it is loosely based on already existing forms and ideas of performing arts, on what has existed for a long time. Nine performers surrender to the fraudulent light and oblivion in a work that focuses on the ambiguity, ecstasy and love of being human.


Choreographer & Director
Liisa Pentti

Wilhelm Grotenfelt
Paul Holländer
Suvi Kemppainen
Meeri Lempiäinen
Marlon Moilanen
Corinne Mustonen
Paul Olin
Pinja Poropudas
Kardo Shiwan

Sound design
Jouni Tauriainen

Lighting design
Ina Niemelä

Spatial design
Fabian Nyberg

Costume design
Siru Kosonen

Titta Halinen

Liisa Pentti +Co
Sirius Teatern

Supported by
Arts Promotion Centre
City of Helsinki
Kone Foundation
Svenska kulturfonden

Photo: Mia Kivinen