Four x Duet + 1

Premiere 26.2.2021
Free of charge

Youtube Channel of Zodiak – Center for New Dance


Four x duet + 1 is based on weekly dance classes for young people on the autism spectrum and the bodily practices formed during the classes. Through these practices the participants’ own movement language has been able to gain space and develop.

The work, directed by Liisa Pentti, gives the weekly practice the form of a performance. Four x duet + 1 highlights the performers – the young people who participate in the classes and the dance artists that work with them. The core of the performance are duets that have been born from the collaboration of the choreographer and the performers.

The work brings to light the performers’ individual talent as well as the energy and curiosity created by the group and situations arising from artistic choices made in the moment. Each duet has its own atmosphere and content and together they form the humorous and movement-rich work.

The sustaining thoughts behind Four x duet + 1 are the joy of dancing, the feeling of freedom and interaction with the audience. The group has been working with these themes since the year 2015.

Working group

Liisa Pentti

Choreographer’s assistants
Ari Kauppila, Kaarina Koistinen, Kauri Sorvari, Anna-Maija Terävä

Risto Hirvonen, Petra Isoniemi, Ari Kauppila, Kaarina Koistinen, Vilma Koskinen, Jarkko Malmqvist, Marko Nurmi, Antti Selki, Kauri Sorvari, Anna-Maija Terävä

Lighting design
Ina Niemelä

Sound design
Jouni Tauriainen
Costume design
Anna Isoniemi

Live stream director
Sari Antikainen

Live stream cameras
Mikael Kanerva, Iina Terho

Inari Pesonen, Katja Kirsi

Zodiak – Uuden tanssin keskus, tanssiryhmä Liisa Pentti +Co

Photos: Sari Antikainen