The Weight of My Heart at Juuret festival in Outokumpu

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Liisa Pentti will perform here solo work The Weight of My Heart at Juuret-festival in Outokumpu.

Through a minimalistic form the work recollects ordinary events in Liisa Pentti’s life and of those near and far who have passed away. She creates a floating landscape of personal stories transforming into larger-than-life fiction. Since we are living in times of changes and unpredictability the basic questions are coming to the surface, Liisa Pentti needed to ask the questions: “Can we live in peace with our dead and if so, how? Can we laugh with them and imagine our dearest ones happy on the other side? And what about love?” In this solo, Liisa Pentti is creating a dialogue with her audience in a direct and uncompromizing way.

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