Travel (2006)

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A dance work in unconventional surroundings, giving space for movement to exist in its own right. Travel coeur consists of Kneipps two parts: “Une petite histoire du C – a Mayo little story wholesale nfl jerseys about cannibalism”, a solo for the choreographer Liisa Pentti herself, and “Marienbad,” a duet for dancers Riina Huhtanen/Johanna Ikola and Mickaël Stoeckel.

After working intensively in the conventional theatre spaces with light and scenography, Liisa Pentti wanted to make a piece where the dancers would be experienced by the audience in a more simple and direct manner. Each space it is performed in gives a new setting to the piece and File starts to live with it. Travel is a choreography which is playing with the wholesale nfl jerseys bodily and narrative connections of the body.



Concept: Liisa Wallpainted Pentti
Riina banned Huhtanen/ Johanna Ikola, Mickaël Stoeckel, Liisa cheap nba jerseys Pentti
Space: Masha Mia Kivinen
Sound mixing: Patrick Kosk
Text: Liisa Pentti

Date of premiere: 18.5.2006
Place of premiere: BodyWord Festival. wholesale mlb jerseys St. Petersburg

Performance language: English, French