Spaceparticles #6 (2012)

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Spaceparticles #6 is a concert for four dancers, based on Terry Riley‘s semialeatoric work ‘In C’ (1964). The open form composition has been the inspiration for choreographer Liisa Pentti. Dancers create an experiential event of sound, movement and visuality.

Concept and direction: Liisa Pentti
Dance: Realiina Brunou, Johanna Ikola, Liisa Pentti, Nina Viitamäki
Music: Terry Riley, ‘in C’
Lighting design: Meri Ekola
Sound design: Patrick Kosk, Jouni Tauriainen
Costumes: Terttu Torkkola
Production coordinator: Nuppu Stenros
Production: Liisa Pentti +Co

Date of Premiere: 5.6.2012
Place of premiere: Liisa Pentti +Co Studio, Helsinki

Excerpts from press reviews:

“”In Liisa Pentti works is each dancer’s invaluable contribution to the whole. The movements become sounds, tones, and inseparable from the music. The choreography is generally clear, repetitive, and at moments almost parodic. The tempo leaps in waves and the focus shifts between body parts. Sometimes the palms move up and down, sometimes feet jump, and at times the hips are taken over by hula-hula movements. Dancers’ ability to listen is quite impressive. Just as your eyes get stuck in any single musician and her instrument during a concert, so is attention drawn now and then to an individual dancer’s craft before returning to a panoramic view. It is also exciting to realize that the seemingly disparate choreography is in fact consistent. Spaceparticles # 6 is not a performance for the impatient. No dramatic twists are promised. Rather, the dance of the spaceparticles should be savored slowly and peacefully.” (Isabella Rothberg, Hufvudstadsbladet 7.6.2012) >> read full review

“Performers are like space particles, as the title suggests. They don’t touch each another, yet some cohesion power keeps them in a relationship with one another. There is simultaneous chaos and order. Regularity as in fractals. And to find metaphors from nature, the dancers copy each other’s movement like dna. At some point I stopped looking at the movement of individual dancers. Especially the fervent spinning at the end provided minialistic meditation at its best.”
(Jussi Tossavainen, Helsingin Sanomat 8.6.2012)

“To me, there was a joyful paradox in the title Spaceparticles #6 – a concert for four dancers and space particles. A concert gives me the association of a more formal event, where the audience sits in neat rows. The atmosphere of the performance was quite contrary. A mix of pillows and a few chairs, and performers that are far from formal. Spectators were invited to get comfortable. Perhaps a concert for space particles gives some clue of the unconventional nature of the event. A concert for dancers, or concert of dance, is a simply brilliant concept.” (Heini Tuoresmäki, 29.6.2012) >> read full review