The Space premieres at Kiasma Theatre

The Body is a (clear) Place in the Space, part 2: The Space

Premiere: Saturday 13 October at 4pm, Kiasma Theater, Helsinki
Other performances: 16.10. at 5 pm | 17.10. at 7 pm | 19.10. at 7 pm| 20.10. 4 pm

The Space, featuring 6 dancers and 2 live musicians, is a performance about beauty and its impossibility. The performers create visions of body and voice transformations and return these to the beginning where nothing has stayed the same. The piece is constructed around Space. Empty space, the dancers’ positioning in space and voice create a tension that is the basis of the work. The Space creates a seemingly chaotic performative landscape that reflects glimpses of beauty. The uninterrupted dialogue between presence and absence forms the poetic tissue of the work.

Read more about the work here.
Facebook event here.
Photo: Finnish National Gallery / Pirje Mykkänen

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