Premiere of Hauraat silmät – Fragile Eyes at Zodiak – Center for New Dance







Liisa Pentti +Co’s new work Fragile Eyes, based on The Laugh of the Medusa (1975) by the French philosopher and author Hélène Cixous, is a performance combining dance, text and music. The book, a feminist classic, has inspired numerous women and female artists to take a stance against the patriarchality of the Western culture.

Fragile Eyes takes the themes explored by Cixous onto the level of performative action and dreamlike logic. The performance in an immersive fabric where the audioscape and situations, new texts and songs inspired by Cixous’ thinking evoke hallucinatory states of being. Its dreamlike, absurd atmosphere is created when everyday occurrences merge with fantasy. The performance navigates the borderlines between various performing arts yet refuses to lock itself into any single genre.

Performances at Zodiak – Center for New Dance from 19.3. to 30.3.2019.

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Photo: Mia Kivinen

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