Performance of The Body at TEHDAS Teatteri, Turku







Liisa Pentti‘s and Bo Madvig‘s duet The Body will be performed at TEHDAS Teatteri, Turku, on 5th April. The performance is part of a three-day festival called Bodybuilding.

The Body is a performance about beauty and its simultaneous impossibility; about the complexity of signifying and about human fragility. The work has two intertwining themes: the simultaneity of the past and the future and the collision of thought and sensoriality. The performers create bodily transformations that resonate the timeless and eternal as well as the fleeting nature of life.

The unspoken dialogue between the performers does not present but rather makes visible the interaction between mind and body in time and space. The movement arising from within examines the possibilities and impossibilities of bodies in space. What do we see when we look at the body? Are we able to look at it as separate from signifying?

Liisa Pentti +Co: The Body
TEHDAS Teatteri, Turku
5th April 2019 at 7 pm
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Photo: Uupi Tirronen


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