Observatoires (2017)

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Observatoires is a research and performance project initiated by Liisa Pentti +Co. A group of Finnish dancers and dance makers work together with Lisa Nelson. The audience is invited to observe the work in Eskus, Suvilahti.

Lisa Nelson is a dance-maker, improvisational performer and collaborative artist who has been exploring the role of the senses in the performance and observation of movement since the early 70s. She performs, teaches and creates dances in diverse spaces on many continents, and maintains long-term collaborations with other artists, including Steve Paxton, Daniel Lepkoff, Cathy Weis, Scott Smith, and Image Lab—a Tuning Score performance ensemble. She has received several awards including an Alpert Award in the Arts 2002 and a Bessie NY Dance and Performance Award 1987. She lives in Vermont, USA.



(photos: Vesa-Pekka Grönfors)




Lisa Nelson
Liisa Pentti
Nina Viitamäki
Rea-Liina Brunou
Carita Lähteenmäki
Maija Reeta Raumanni
Satu Rekola
Johanna Ikola
Iiris Raipala
Kaisa Kukkonen
Iina Taijonlahti
Sara Soulié

Wed 8.3., Thu 9.3., Fri 10.3., Sat 11.3., Mon 13.3. at 13:00–15:30
Tue 14.3. at 15:00–17:00
Eskus – Esitystaiteen keskus (Performance Center)
Studio 1
Kaasutehtaankatu 1
00540 Helsinki (Suvilahti)
Free admission. The audience is welcome to come and observe, for any duration during the announced times.