Liisa Pentti’s workshop at Kutomo, Turku







Liisa Pentti: Moving towards the unnameable

Workshop at Kutomo on Saturday and Sunday 8.-9.9.2018 from 11 am to 3 pm

Fee: 25€
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“the mind has the body as its object” – excerpt from an interview with physicist Karen Barad

Our body holds a vast amount of kinesthetic information, experience and learned patterns. It also holds the elusive and indescribable self, constantly changing and transforming. The two-day workshop, directed by Liisa Pentti, will concentrate on these themes and the kinesthetic shapes arising from them, not forgetting surprises. The work will be based on the following questions: Can we create movement that does not submit to the meanings of language and cultural images, but trusts its own existence so that the bodily knowledge in the borders of consciousness can create new meanings? What is the relationship between language and meaning? How do I dance to music?

The workshop is open to everyone interested in the possibilities of movement.

Photo: Uupi Tirronen

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