Liisa Pentti +Co’s Sight Seeing performed at INACT Festival 2019







Sight Seeing, a performance by Liisa Pentti and Paul Pignon will be performed at INACT Festival in Strasbourg, France, on 4th May 2019.

Sight Seeing is a performance combining dance, speech, music and interactive media. An online camera attached to the dancer projects real-time image on the screen bringing the dialogue between movement and stillness as part of the work. Every performance of Sight Seeing is different; the work always varies according to the space and the audience. The improvisatory performance explores gaze and perception. The gaze of the performer, seen through the video projection, meets the gaze of the audience. The live interaction between the performer, musicians and audience grows important in the momentary, uncontrollable atmosphere of the work.

Dance Liisa Pentti
Music Paul Pignon
Technology Paul Pignon
Production Liisa Pentti +Co
Photos Ismo Helen

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