Liisa Pentti +Co at Performing HEL Showcase

Performing HEL showcase

Liisa Pentti +Co will be participating in the Performing HEL Showcase in Helsinki on 30th August. Choreographer Liisa Pentti and dramaturge Titta Halinen will be giving a production pitch about the company’s recent works The Body and Hauraat silmät – Fragile eyes.

Including 5 full-length performances, 10 demos and 12 production pitches, the event will showcase the finest work from Finland right now. Performing HEL invites both Finnish and international presenters, programmers, directors and other performing arts professionals to discover a full range of Finnish performing arts, including circus, dance and theatre, also delivered in exciting yet difficult-to-define combinations. The showcase is organised by Dance Info Finland, CircusInfo Finland, Helsinki Festival, the Finnish National Theatre, the Swedish Theatre, and Espoo City Theatre.

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