Cloudbody – an ecology of dreams #2 premieres at Mad House Helsinki

Cloudbody – an ecology of dreams #2

Premiere: Tuesday 9 June 2020 at 18:00, Mad House Helsinki
Other performances: 
10 June, 2020 18:00
12 June, 2020 20:00
13 June, 2020 20:00
14 June, 2020 18:00
16 June, 2020 18:00
17 June, 2020 18:00
18 June, 2020 18:00
Post-performance discussion will be held on 17th June and is led by Annika Tudeer.

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Cloudbody – an ecology of dreams #2 is the second part of Liisa Pentti‘s solo work series, continuing the exploration initiated in The Body (2017) about meanings of the body, signifying and bodily metamorphoses. Cloudbody is a dialogue that happens in the space between the poetic body and the viewers as well as a corporeal practice. Through dance, sound and videos the work shows us images of identity transformations, layers and recollections, life after death. Images of blind stories and things that cannot be named that arise in the moment of disintegration. Images of the space that is born when the world stops.

Photo: Saara Autere
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