Two work-in-progress performances at Liisa Pentti +Co Studio 11th and 12th June.

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Leila Kourkia and Liisa Pentti +Co present a double-bill of work-in-progress performances on Friday 11.6. at 18 and Saturday 12.6. at 15. The double-bill is free of charge but we require signing up in advance to the address

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Free online performance of Cloudbody #1 on 14.5. at 19

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Liisa Pentti +Co’s somatic sound art work Cloudbody #1 is part of Bodybuilding festival 13.-16.5. Cloudbody #1 will be performed online on Fri 14.5. at 19 and the recording will be available until the end of the festival.
Watch the performance here
Read the programme here

Photos: Uupi Tirronen

Application period for the Liisa Pentti +Co Studio summer residency opens in May

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Liisa Pentti +Co offers a residency programme in the company’s studio in Helsinki for dance and performance artists and working groups working in Finland or abroad. The residency period is June-July 2021 (and possibly also August – this will be communicated later). The aim of the residency programme is to offer a peaceful working space for research or for working towards a future production. We offer 1-2 week residency periods. The application period opens in May and more info about the application will follow soon.

Four x duet + 1 premieres on 26.2.2021 as a live stream on Zodiak’s YouTube channel

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Four x duet + 1, a dance piece directed by choreographer Liisa Pentti, makes room for all that is special and different as well as for a dialogue that enables a diverse connection and community in a world where barriers seem to become higher and the space for creativity thinner.

Premiere: Fri 26.2. at 19, Zodiak – Center for New Dance’s YouTube Channel
The video will be available until March 5, 2021.
Watch the performance here
Read more about the work here

Cloudbody #1 and #2 performed at Liikelaituri, Tampere 22.-23.1.2021

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Unfortunately these performances have been cancelled due to new covid-19 restrictions effective from 18.1.21.
Valitettavasti olemme joutuneet perumaan tapahtuman Pirkanmaan kokoontumisrajoitusten jatkuttua 18.1.-8.2.2021

Liisa Pentti
‘s solo work series, Cloudbody, will be performed at Liikelaituri, Tampere, on 22nd and 23rd of January 2021.
Fri 22.1. at 19: Cloudbody #1
Sat 23.1. at 18: Cloudbody #2

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