The Body performed at Studiotrade Platform, Festival de Danse Cannes

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Liisa Pentti‘s and Bo Madvig‘s duet The Body (2017) will be performed at Studiotrade Platform on 14th December in Cannes, France. Studiotrade Platform, orchestrated by Eric Oberdorff, artistic director of the Cie Humaine, is a showcase presenting the work of 4 companies that are members of the European Studiotrade network. The showcase illustrates the dynamics of the independent European choreographical scene by asking questions such as “What is beauty? What is the significant, fragile, impossible part emanating from the body I’m looking at? What happens when dream and reality collide? What part does magic play? Or fiction?”.

Studiotrade Platform is part of the programme of Festival de Danse Cannes, an international festival of contemporary dance running from 29th November to 15th December in Cote d’Azur, France.

This project has received support from the Institut finlandais and TelepART Mobility Support Platform.

The Body (2017)
Studiotrade Platform

Photo: Uupi Tirronen

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