“Minimalistic anatomical theater”

(HS 25.9.2017 - "The Body" review)

“Questions on the meanings of art reach far and deep”

(HS 1.5.2015 - "WDMSNLCA" review)

“Startling power in the clarity of moments”

(T&T+S 8/2015 - "The Sinking of the Titanic" review)

“I experienced momentum amidst a hypnotic flow”

(HS 30.5.2014 - "Spaceparticles #5" review)

“Humoristic and sensitive tones”

(HS 25.5.2014 - "Liisas danst Rosas" review)

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Cloudbody – an ecology of dreams #2 in Cologne


Ref2020 and afternoon of contemporary dance at Oodi on 9–10 October


Two demo performances: Leila Kourkia & Liisa Pentti +Co


Liisa Pentti Masterclass 15.-16.5. live & online


Cloudbody #1 online performance at Bodybuilding festival


Creating space for creativity – an online seminar about dance and movement work with neurodiverse and disabled groups


Trude Cone: Moving Thought, an introductory workshop


Four x duet + 1, premiere as a live stream


Ref2020 and afternoon of contemporary dance at Oodi on Oct 9–10

By News

Liisa Pentti + Co  brings Ref2020 to Maijansali at Oodi together with an afternoon of contemporary dance.

Ref2020 is performed on Saturday Oct 9 at 5pm.
The inspiration for the work Ref2020 has been Brian Eno’s 58-minute-long composition Reflection. The work, created with six dancers, suggests a new kind of connection between contemporary dance and Eno’s music where the meditative music creates singing and historicity of movement.
Free entry, seats can be pre-booked at the online box office.

On Sunday we explore the themes of the perfomance in an open workshop and discussion. This afternoon of contemporary dance takes place at 13.00–15.30. Free entry, no pre-registration.

Read more here.

We follow the Covid-19 safety regulations at our events. Please attend the event only healthy and wear a face mask.

Photo: Sari Antikainen

Two work-in-progress performances at Liisa Pentti +Co Studio 11th and 12th June.

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Leila Kourkia and Liisa Pentti +Co present a double-bill of work-in-progress performances on Friday 11.6. at 18 and Saturday 12.6. at 15. The double-bill is free of charge but we require signing up in advance to the address info@liisapentti.com.

Read more about the event
Facebook event


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