Three perspectives on contemporary dance at Maunula House 12.-13.12. – CANCELLED

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Unfortunately this event has been cancelled due to the new covid-19 restrictions effective from 30.11.
Valitettavasti olemme joutuneet perumaan tapahtuman uusien pääkaupunkiseutua koskevien koronarajoitusten vuoksi. Tapahtuma voidaan mahdollisesti siirtää myöhempään ajankohtaan mutta tiedotamme tästä myöhemmin.

Dance company Liisa Pentti +Co organises a weekend event at Maunula House on 12th and 13th December. The event comprises three different contemporary dance works that show the diversity of contemporary dance in 2020s. The programme includes Liisa Pentti’s classic solo work from the year 2011, The Weight of My Heart, where dance and personal stories form a work resembling dance theatre. Additionally, the programme includes Pia Lindy’s, Heini Nukari’s and Annika Tudeer’s Layers, a surprising and skilful improvisatory work formed of three solos as well as Mikko Niemistö’s Odd Meters where dance, sound and light create a captivating bodily experience.

The weekend ends with a discussion event that gathers together the performers of the works seen. The dance artists discuss their work and working methods shedding light to the multi-layered nature of contemporary dance and ponder on the meanings of performing arts in the ever more virtual world. The discussion is led by dramaturge Titta Halinen.

Saturday 12.12.
at 18 Liisa Pentti: The Weight of My Heart
at 19.30 Pia Lindy, Heini Nukari & Annika Tudeer: Layers

Sunday 13.12.
at 14 Mikko Niemistö: Odd Meters
at 15.30 Discussion event ”Dance artist in the 2020s”
Led by Titta Halinen, discussing the topic Pia Lindy, Mikko Niemistö, Heini Nukari and Liisa Pentti.


Single performance tickets: 12/25 €
All three performances: 28/55 €

Read more about the event here

Photo: Esko Koivisto

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