Liisa Pentti +Co organises workshops for dance professionals at Liisa Pentti +Co Studio.

Articulating the unknown - a series of improvisation workshops spring 2013  
at Liisa Pentti +Co Studio, Henry Fordin katu 6, Helsinki (bus number 14)  

Pia Lindy: Towards moving thinking
April 13-14 Sat & Sun 10-15
price: 60/80€  

We will start exploring our own moving with some focus on developmental movement patterns as a warm up to moving dialogues and improvisation. We will work on solos, duets and trios with tasks to increase one´s own awareness to choreographic, compositional and other choice makings while dancing, also finding ways of letting go.

Dancer/Choreographer/Live artist Pia Lindy has graduated from Amsterdam's School for New Dance Development in 1995 and since then has created several solo/group works and collaborative projects with different artists in Finland and abroad. In her work she explores expectations and values embodied in art and society. What has dance/art to offer us or what should it be? Lindy has focused on improvisation and the process-centred approach to working, teaching and performing, and on operating in various environments/contexts

Workshop info/sign in: pia.lindy@gmail.com / + 358 50 352 6342    

Liisa Pentti: The mind of alchemy in improvisation
April 27-28 Sat & Sun 10-15
price: 60/80€  

How does our use of imagery and instinct for imitation shape our dance? To what extent we can go beyond the norms and patterns embedded in our dance in order to challenge and refresh those pahtways? Our bodies are a potential of constantly opening, muting and moving energy which naturally gets patterned in relation to its surroundings, with its norms and routines. During the weekend we are going to play with different kinds of imagery (both anatomical and fantasylike) in order to explore our possibilities of body-metamorphosing, both in relation to contact and to space. My proposal is to create a space for work with a playful mind open to trial and error.  

Liisa Pentti has worked in the Finnish dance scene as a dancer, a choreographer and a teacher, and is also one of the founders of Zodiak Center for the New Dance. In 2000 she established a dance company of her own, Liisa Pentti + Co, based in Helsinki. Her works have been presented in Scandinavia, Russia and in many European countries. Liisa Pentti builds connections between the bodily and narrative expression. Her choreographic language is a dialogue with the undefinable. Liisa Pentti questions the boundaries of dance, and her art takes place in between dance, performance and live art.

Workshop info/ sign in: info@liisapentti.com
Extra: Sat 27 April, DIM- event at Liisa Pentti +CO studio at 7 pm,  tickets 5/7    

Heini Nukari: Body is Voice - moving vocal pathways in improvisation
June 1-2 Sat & Sun 10-16
price: 60/80€  

This workshop explores the creative relationship between movement and voice. Through breathing and moving from different body parts and layers we widen our vocal pathways. Solo, -partner and group explorations are inspired by authentic movement, improvisation and presence.  

Heini Nukari is a performer and body-oriented voice teacher. Her teaching is inspired by the Roy Hart Theatre voice method, contemporary dance, CI, butoh, yoga, BMC and authentic movement. Heini has lived in Berlin between 1997-2012 but in 2013 she has moved her base to Helsinki.  

Workshop info/sign in: heini@body-is-voice.com / + 358 46 890 55 90