Since autumn 2011, Liisa Pentti +Co has had a home studio in the Henry Ford building in Hernesaari, Helsinki. Liisa Pentti +Co Studio is 80 m2 in size and it is located on the 'office floor' (second floor) of the building. Entrance is through the main entrance, door A.

The Henry Ford building is a historically unique building dating back to 1946. It was built for the assembly of Ford automobiles, and it functioned as the headquarters of the Ford Motor Company's Finland branch until 1997. The City of Helsinki has studied the possibility of turning the Ford Building into a cultural space (dance and cinema), but the future remains open. Liisa Pentti +Co is the only dance company residing in the building at the moment. Other tenants include e.g. event management and photography companies.

For studio inquiries, please contact us.

NEW! Liisa Pentti +Co supports the development of Finnish contemporary dance by offering a free studio residency for invited artists and groups. First residence artists are Anni Rissanen, Linda Priha and Elina Hauta- Aho (Vivarium-collective) with choreographer Jouni Järvenpää. Residency 29.7.-27.8.2012, public demo on 27.8.2012 at 19:00. Read more

(Archive photo from the Helsinki City Museum)