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Liisa Pentti +Co’s newest work Ref2020 will live-streamed at Barker Theatre’s Facebook page on Saturday 5th December at 6 pm.
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The inspiration for the work Ref2020 has been Brian Eno’s 58-minute-long composition Reflection. The work, created with six dancers, suggests a new kind of connection between contemporary dance and Eno’s music where the meditative music creates singing and historicity of movement.

Ref2020 is a light work in dark times. The music and dance create a landscape inside which the viewer can allow him/herself to experience floating, timelessness and dreams that occasionally remind us about a past that perhaps never was.

Liisa Pentti +Co: Ref2020
Live-stream on Sat 5.12. at 18
The performance is free
Duration: 60 mins

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Photo: Sari Antikainen

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