Masha Amplituda (2004)

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Masha Amplituda is a humorous and melancholic wholesale mlb jerseys piece cheap nfl jerseys about a man and a woman, the reflections and shadows they seek in each others. Environmental Memory, cheap jerseys reflection and language are the key themes.

Remembrance as the prerequisite of existence.

Masha Amplituda is inspired AMPST-30 by the last letter of a Russian poet Osip Mandelstam to his wife from Chelseas the prison camp in Siberia 1938.The body serves as the conveyor of thought and emotion.Pentti often accompanies movement by dialogue and moving images. In Masha Amplituda,the video plays an important cheap jerseys role.

Choreography: Liisa Pentti
Dance: Martin Nachbar, Liisa Pentti
Video design: Sari Antikainen
Light design: Mia Kivinen
Composer: Patrick Kosk
Set designer: Kimmo Takala
Costumes: Suvi Hänninen

Masha Amplituda is a co-production of Liisa Pentti+ Co, Kiasma Theatre and Goethe-Institut, Helsinki

Date of Premiere: 28.1.2004
Place of premiere: Kiasma cheap nfl jerseys Theatre, Helsinki


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