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Spaceparticles #5 (2013)

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Spaceparticles #5 explores the relationships between dance, music and visuality in a gallery space. Spaceparticles is a synthesis, where movement blending into music is combined with spatial-visual manipulation, bringing new levels into the work. Spaceparticles #5 is the second part of the Spaceparticles trilogy by Liisa Pentti +Co.

In the two-year Spaceparticles project, the dance group challenges the notion of choreography three times, thus creating a living, spatial-kinestehtic experience of the parallel worlds of dance and music. The bodily states of the dancers, rhythms and space blend into the music of Terry Riley.

Date of Premiere: 28.5.2013



Les Traces Mnésiques (2012)

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B0004164 Neurons in the brain - illustration


Tanssin dokumentaatioon keskittyvä tapahtumakokonaisuus Kiasma-teatterissa kokoaa yhteen sisältöjä ja tekijöitä Suomesta ja ulkomailta. Luentojen ja keskustelujen lisäksi tapahtumassa esitetään Claude Sorinin ainutlaatuisia audioteoksia Ranskan radioarkistoista.

Dance documentation event brings together content and authors from Finland and abroad. Featured content includes Agnès Benoit-Nader’s pioneering book On the Edge/Créateurs de l’Imprevu from 1997, the Books on the Move bookstore concept, and Claude Sorin’s unique audio works.


15:00 Tapahtuman avaus / Opening by Liisa Pentti
15:15 Reading as a dance practice | Agnès Benoit-Nader (luento / lecture)
16:30 Kirja, muisti ja tanssitutkimus | Kirsi Monni
18:00 Dance Voices (audioesitys/audio performance) | Claude Sorin
19:00 Yleisökeskustelu / Post-performance discussion


11:00 Les venues de l’Amérique (audioesitys/audio performance) | Claude Sorin
12:15 Tanssidokumentaatio Suomessa | Tiina Suhonen, Anne Makkonen ja Helena Kallio
15:00 The Weight of My Heart (tanssiesitys/dance performance) | Liisa Pentti +Co
esityksen jälkeen yleisökeskustelu, jonka vetää Agnès Benoit-Nader


11:00 Dance Voices (audioesitys/audio performance) | Claude Sorin
13:00 On the Edge/Créateurs de l’Imprévu | Agnès Benoit-Nader
15:00 The Weight of My Heart (tanssiesitys/dance performance) | Liisa Pentti +Co

Koko tapahtuma yhteislipulla 18/10 €. Luennoille ja keskusteluihin vapaa pääsy.
Combination ticket for all events 18/10 €. Free admission to lectures and discussions.


I’ll Become a Tree (2012)

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Where is the dance after is has been danced?
Where is the dead dancers’ dance?

After its execution the dance is scattered into the air but it lives in our bodies and memories at least as long as we live. Martha Graham’s dance, the Graham Technique, became gradually stiffer after her death. Merce Cunnighams studio was closed down and his company stopped after two years of touring after Merce’s death. And all the rest of them, may they rest in peace.

Dance becomes memories in us and leaves traces, either danced or otherwise experienced . Can I own my memories? What are those traces ?

They are my comic book, my visions, my intuiton, my dreams and daydreams – what gets fixe , like an insoluble mineral in my fantasy, in my mind?

Where does the paranoia start, what is in the freely floating words – dropping down here and there? The words dropping from memories, craving for the space around them to resonate- the magic spells, the magic words of dead civilizations, where did they go?

What is your body’s memory of my dance? What is mine?

I am my own compost.
I will become a tree after I die.
Or was I only a dream?

I’ll Become a Tree is a happening based on the solo The Weight of My Heart by dancer and choreographer Liisa Pentti. The original solo had its premiere in Nov 2011 and since then Liisa Pentti has performed it 16 times in different locations. Almost a year after the premiere, the themes of the piece have been composted and grained into the conscious and unconscious body-mind of the performer.

During 2-3 hours Liisa Pentti, light designer Meri Ekola and composer Patrick Kosk create an event for the altered states through the dance and the objects that are present in the original piece. Also sounds, songs and lights that are embedded in it as the source material will find its place in this happening.

Liisa Pentti, Meri Ekola and Patrick Kosk are using the hidden and neglected material of the piece to create an event in the gallery space.  I’ll become a tree is based on the idea of duration and its manifestations in the landscape of personal and stolen memories. The sources include lives and stories of Sabina Spielrein, Marina Tsvetaeva, Marina Abramović and Melina Mercouri, among others.

The happening is being created for Performance Compost, a 3-week event in the Kiasma modern art museum in Helsinki Oct 2012.

Saturday 6.10.2012 at 15-18
Tuesday 9.10.2012 at 15-17
Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art


Spaceparticles #6 (2012)

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Spaceparticles #6 is a concert for four dancers, based on Terry Riley‘s semialeatoric work ‘In C’ (1964). The open form composition has been the inspiration for choreographer Liisa Pentti. Dancers create an experiential event of sound, movement and visuality.

Concept and direction: Liisa Pentti
Dance: Realiina Brunou, Johanna Ikola, Liisa Pentti, Nina Viitamäki
Music: Terry Riley, ‘in C’
Lighting design: Meri Ekola
Sound design: Patrick Kosk, Jouni Tauriainen
Costumes: Terttu Torkkola
Production coordinator: Nuppu Stenros
Production: Liisa Pentti +Co

Date of Premiere: 5.6.2012
Place of premiere: Liisa Pentti +Co Studio, Helsinki

Excerpts from press reviews:

“”In Liisa Pentti works is each dancer’s invaluable contribution to the whole. The movements become sounds, tones, and inseparable from the music. The choreography is generally clear, repetitive, and at moments almost parodic. The tempo leaps in waves and the focus shifts between body parts. Sometimes the palms move up and down, sometimes feet jump, and at times the hips are taken over by hula-hula movements. Dancers’ ability to listen is quite impressive. Just as your eyes get stuck in any single musician and her instrument during a concert, so is attention drawn now and then to an individual dancer’s craft before returning to a panoramic view. It is also exciting to realize that the seemingly disparate choreography is in fact consistent. Spaceparticles # 6 is not a performance for the impatient. No dramatic twists are promised. Rather, the dance of the spaceparticles should be savored slowly and peacefully.” (Isabella Rothberg, Hufvudstadsbladet 7.6.2012) >> read full review

“Performers are like space particles, as the title suggests. They don’t touch each another, yet some cohesion power keeps them in a relationship with one another. There is simultaneous chaos and order. Regularity as in fractals. And to find metaphors from nature, the dancers copy each other’s movement like dna. At some point I stopped looking at the movement of individual dancers. Especially the fervent spinning at the end provided minialistic meditation at its best.”
(Jussi Tossavainen, Helsingin Sanomat 8.6.2012)

“To me, there was a joyful paradox in the title Spaceparticles #6 – a concert for four dancers and space particles. A concert gives me the association of a more formal event, where the audience sits in neat rows. The atmosphere of the performance was quite contrary. A mix of pillows and a few chairs, and performers that are far from formal. Spectators were invited to get comfortable. Perhaps a concert for space particles gives some clue of the unconventional nature of the event. A concert for dancers, or concert of dance, is a simply brilliant concept.” (Heini Tuoresmäki, 29.6.2012) >> read full review



The Weight of My Heart (2011)

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A fantasy-filled piece by the Finnish choreographer Liisa Pentti is about love, life and death. Through a minimalistic form it recollects ordinary events in Liisa Pentti’s life and of those near and far who have passed away. She creates a floating landscape of personal stories transforming into larger-than- life fiction. Since we are living in times of changes and unpredictability the basic questions are coming to the surface, Liisa Pentti needed to ask the questions: “Can we live in peace with our dead and if so, how? Can we laugh with them and imagine our dearest ones happy on the other side? And what about love?”

In this solo Liisa Pentti is creating a dialogue with her audience in a direct and uncompromizing way.

Choreography and dance: Liisa Pentti
Artistic advisor: Frans Poelstra
Text: Liisa Pentti
Light design: Meri Ekola
Sound design: Frans Poelstra, Liisa Pentti
Costume design: Terttu Torkkola
Photos: Esko Koivisto
Producer: Nora Hentunen
Videoshooting and editing: Anna Groundstroem
Production: Liisa Pentti +Co

Date of premiere: 9.11.2011
Place of premiere: Liisa Pentti +Co Studio, Helsinki



The Weight of My Heart on Liisa Pentin feminiini kamarikomedia, jossa tanssi, liike ja kertomukset synnyttävät muistamisen pirstoutuneen ja hauraan maailman. Teos on rakkaudenosoitus muistamisen kyvylle ja kannanotto muistin puolesta visuaalisia ärsykkeitä ja informaatiota pursuavassa maailmassa. Vanhojen valokuvien, filminpätkien ja tekstien kautta syntyy teos, jossa keho ilmaisee muistoiksi kutsumaamme todellisuutta antaen tilaa katsoja mielikuvitukselle.

Koreografia ja tanssi: Liisa Pentti
Taiteellinen neuvonantaja: Frans Poelstra
Teksti: Liisa Pentti
Valosuunnittelu: Meri Ekola
Äänisuunnittelu: Frans Poelstra, Liisa Pentti
Pukusuunnittelu: Terttu Torkkola
Valokuvat: Esko Koivisto
Tuottaja: Nora Hentunen
Videokuvaus ja editointi: Anna Groundstroem
Tuotanto: Liisa Pentti +Co

Ensi-ilta: 9.11.2011
Esityspaikka: Liisa Pentti +Co Studio, Helsinki


Excerpts from press reviews:

“One can only admire and wonder Liisa Pentti in the way she opens herself and her heart in the intimacy of a small space and under the bare studio lights. A wonderful and touching experience.”
(Jussi Tossavainen, Helsingin Sanomat)

“I cannot decide which of the two elements in the piece is stronger: the poetic and humorous text or the inventive choreography executed with an enormous subtlety by one of Finland’s best choreographers.” (Isabella Rothberg, Hufvudstadsbladet)

“In this small scale production is very heartfelt and under its look-a-like fussing around hides an extremely carefully considered form. The Weight of My Heart is a wonderful performance which is absolutely worth seeing”. (Annikki Alku, Demari)


Per Forma (2011)

By Projects



PER FORMA – performers process 2011

Helsinki @ Cirko, Suvilahti

Liisa Pentti + Co is organizing an international two day event, with focus on the performer and the process of performing. We are inviting performers from different performative fields (dance, theatre, performance art etc.), and all those interested in the topic to participate in the workshops, discussions and performances around the theme of the performer.

The issues of the event:

* The process of the performer and the ethics of those processes
* Performance as a gift
* What different meanings the act of performing can have today
* The act of moving something  and the friction of performing
* The poetics in life and performance…

Event pass: 1 day 50€, both days 80€
Event pass for professionals in performing arts: 1 day 30€, both days 50€
Event pass for students: 1 day 15€, both days 25€

Workshop by Jan Ritsema Theatre as a Marketplace 135€


What if every cell i my body at once, have the potential to look at Life and call it Art without
stopping long enough to describe it?

Choreography: Deborah Hay
Dance and adaption: Gabriela Aldana-Kekoni
Costumes: Monika Hartl
Photography: Katri Pynnöniemi

A solo by Giorgio Convertito
Something possibly entertaining is a user-friendly, self-explanatory and straightforward piece of dance, some would even say axiomatic. It is dance made comprehensible to the ordinary person. It’s unfussy, unpretentious and uncomplicated, yet educational and illuminating. It will demystify and make fun of dance, at the same time revealing how uniquely remarkable it actually is.

I  DID ONCE A PIECE…(Walk + Talk)
Milli Bitterli / Artifical Horizon (AT)
How can you articulate or describe commands, emotions and images that suddenly occur to you while you are dancing? What wonderful fantasies cause the body to move? What kind of thought and knowledge is created by movement – or is indeed only possible through movement? How exciting is it to stride across a stage? Can the energy of dance be expressed in words? This lecture performance, in which Milli Bitterli explores the transformation of movement, emotion and thoughts into language, was created during “STILL MOVING”, a project curated by Philipp Gehmacher at Tanzquartier Wien.

Workshop performance by Jan Ritsema and working group

STAGE ANIMALS#2: Sissi, Anno 2010
To what extent are we cultural animals that need to love idols and images in order to see into themselves? Who will tell if performance is good? Choreographer Liisa Pentti explores in a surreal and humorous way the urge to perform with the help of the first popular icon, Sissi the last Empress of Austria-Hungary.

Concept, choreography and direction: Liisa Pentti Dance: Riina Huhtanen, Felix Marchand, Andrius Katinas, Mikko Orpana, Nina Viitamäki Sound design: Aleksi Haapaniemi, Patrick Kosk Lighting design: Mia Kivinen Costume design: Terttu Torkkola


Theatre as a marketplace
workshop by Jan Ritsema 1.-4.6.2011

The workshop is about trying to develop the theatre as a marketplace: About looking for propositions, doings and sayings from the side of the initiators, which leave enough space and power for the visitors/audience, over the ways they want to deal with these propositions: Our actions, our doings and sayings, should be open for developments that go beyond our control; the visitors are not treated like reacting machines who react to our actions, but free individuals that shape their own temporal and spacial conditions within the frame of our propositions.

During the workshop we try to find interventions that are not only completely open to everything neither limited to only reactions. We look for how to create conditions, in which a person can experience cooperation without having to repress oneself.

The dutch theatre director Jan Ritsema (1945) is not interested in the big illusion and fiction machine through which theatre often is represented, but in the live presentation of bodies on stage that think and that provoke thinking. Theatre as the place where actors and audience in their live gathering can think together. In 2006 Ritsema founded the Performing Arts Forum in France (PAF), an  alternative artists residency, in which every year some 700 artists create work, exchange their experiences and knowledge.


Stage Animals #2 (2010)

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STAGE ANIMALS #2 – Sissi, Anno 2010

Press photos

To what extent are we cultural animals that need to love idols and images in order to see into themselves? Choreographer Liisa Pentti explores in a surreal and humoristic way the urge to perform with the help of the first popular icon, Sissi the last Empress of Austria-Hungary.

Concept and direction: Liisa Pentti
Choreography in cooperation with the dancers
Choreographer’s assistant: Riikka Theresa Innanen
Dance: Satu Herrala, Felix Marchand, Andrius Katinas, Mikko Orpana, Nina Viitamäki
Musician: Aleksi Haapaniemi
Sound design: Aleksi Haapaniemi, Patrick Kosk, Liisa Pentti
Sound design realisation: Paul Pignon
Lighting design: Mia Kivinen
Costumes: Terttu Torkkola
Make-up: Tuija Luukkainen
Stage design: Pasi Ruokonen, Liisa Pentti
Production assistant: Marina Seppä
Production: Liisa Pentti + Co, Zodiak – Center for New Dance
In cooperation with: Performing Arts Forum

Date of premiere: 7.4.2010
Place of premiere: Zodiak, Helsinki (Pannuhalli)

Excerpts from press reviews:

“He kävelevät katsojien editse edestakaisin läsnäolomme aistien, mutta samalla ignoroiden. Kuin leijonat eläintarhassa. Sellaisia he ovatkin, stage animals. Näyttämöeläimet. Liisa Pentin teos Stage Animals #2: Sissi, Anno 2010 jatkaa mainiosti siitä, mihin diivuutta tutkinutMabel jäi. Nyt kysytään, mikä vietti saa esiintymään tai palvomaan julkkiksia. Onko esiintymisen tarve luontaista ja kaikille ominaista vai narsistinen häiriö?… Huumorilla höystetty esitys pistää ajattelemaan. Olisiko esiintymisvietin takana sittenkin kuolemanpelko? Olla julkisuudessa on yhtä kuin elää. ” (Jussi Tossavainen, Helsingin Sanomat 9.4.2010)

Men of Honour – Retro 2 (2009)

By Performances




Choreographer Liisa Pentti’s piece in the spirit of the Sopranos mafia challenges the romantic worldview of violence, vengeance and death in an intelligent and exhilarating way.

Men of Honour – Retro 2 a dance piece about the manly man’s world, in the inspiration from old mafia movies. Men of Honour is in the thematics of manhood, violence and gender role models. Men of Honour was first premiered in 2002 in Helsinki, Zodiak – Center for New Dance, and this remade Men of Honour – Retro 2 had its premiere in 2009.

Directed by Liisa Pentti
Performers: Gabriela Aldana-Kekoni, Janne Aspvik, Elmer Bäck, Giorgio Convertito, Ville Johansson, Mikko Orpana and Nina Viitamäki
Musician: Kalevi Louhivuori
Light design: Mia Kivinen
Sound design: Patrick Kosk, Liisa Pentti
Video: Sari Antikainen
Wardrobe: Marja Uusitalo, Terttu Torkkola
Production: Liisa Pentti + Co, in collaboration with Zodiak – Center for New Dance

Date of premiere: 2002/2009
Place of premiere: Helsinki

Excerpts from press reviews:

“Kummisetä, Suuri gangsterisota, Sopranos…mitä näitä nyt onkaan. Men of Honour upotti mafiatodellisuuden, mafiaelokuvat ja musikaaliestetiikan samaan taikinaan. Kun taikina pilkottiin, kaulittiin, käännettiin ja lisättiin liemi, niin siitä syntyi kummallisen herkullista soppaa. Men of Honourin lainaamiin maailmoihin sisältyy vahvaa kehonkieltä ja tunteiden liioittelevaa, eleellistä ilmaisemista… Rajusta tematiikastaan huolimatta teos oli myös hauska, viihdyttävä. Kun musikaalia lainataan tehokeinona ulos musikaalin omasta maailmasta, niin lopputulokset ovat usein kiinnostavia. Musikaali toimii hyvin eräänlaisena tyylikeinona. Men of Honourin kaltaisessa esityksessä Get Happy –biisin siivittämä laulu- ja tanssikohtaus oli ihan mielettömän hirtehinen ja hauska. Nina Viitamäki oli kohtauksessa kestohymyroolissaan suorastaan riemastuttavan säteilevä ja glamuröösi, kuin suoraan Broadwaylta Krunikkaan lennätetty Marilyn-vedos. Viitamäki oli vastustamaton sekoitus Tarantinon naisia ja 50-luvun Hollywood-glamouria. Tehokas oli myös kohtaus, missä Gabriela Aldana-Kekoni valmisti miehestään lihapataa ja Viitamäki veisteli taustalla milloin omaa kaulaansa ja milloin sääriluutaan. Veitset toivat yllättävän vaaran kokemuksen myös katsomoon. On mielenkiintoista, miten vahvasti veitsen tuominen näyttämölle vaikutti. Entä jos veitsi karkaa käsistä, ovatkohan veitset oikeasti teräviä…?” (Katja Keränen, Liikekieli 24.5.2009)

Mabel or The Queen of Bones (2008)

By Performances



Mabel or The Queen of Bones is a solo by Liisa Pentti. It is a tribute to femininity and female performers, whose charisma and sensuality bring the stage to life.

Mabel or The Queen of Bones is a dance about a woman who knows no regret or remorse. The stage figure is an inventor, a diva, a shaman and perhaps occasionally a prostitute, a dark mixture of different architypes. For these types, the stage and performing is essential in life, although they also create natural drama outside the stage as well. Drama that the audience loves even more than their stage performance perhaps. Mabel is not sorry about being a woman, she celebrates her femininity. To her, sacrifice is no virtue.

Choreography and dance Liisa Pentti
Artistic advisors 
Frans Poelstra, Robert Steijn
Lighting design 
Mia Kivinen
Sound design 
Patrick Kosk
Costume design 
Terttu Torkkola
Liisa Pentti + Co/Paula Karlsson, Zodiak – Center for New Dance

Date of premiere: 18.10.2008
Place of premiere: Zodiak, Helsinki

Excerpts from press reviews:

“Liisa Pentti yllättää ja häkellyttää uudella tanssiteoksellaan Mabel or The Queen of Bones. Teoreettisena, analyyttisenä ja älyllisesti haastavana tunnettu koreografi käsittelee nyt jotakin niin pinnallista aihetta kuin diivaa ja diivuutta. Itselleen uskollisena hän kuitenkin löytää sieltä pinnanalaisen maailman. ” (Jussi Tossavainen, Helsingi Sanomat 23.10.2008)

“Mabel taitaa ylitseviemisen taidon ja saa katsomon nauramaan niin keikaroidessaan mustissa sandaleteissaan ja piukeasti pinkissä lurexissaan kuin lämmitellessään trikoissaan kuin alkuapina.Näyttämöteos diivan olemuksesta voisi helposti kääntyä ennalta-arvattavaksi pateettiseksi parodiaksi, mutta Pentin teos säilyttää tuoreutensa.. Pentin Mabel on hienosti rakennettu hahmo sormenpäihin ja punakyntisiin varpaisiin asti.” (Kaisa Kurikka, Turun Sanomat 20.10.2008)

“Häpeämättömän hauskaa diivailua… Esityksessään naisesta ja hänen sisäisestä diivastaan Pentti lataa näyttämölle lähes kaikki mahdolliset liikkeelliset, ilmeelliset ja äänelliset diivakliseet honeysta suuren luokan tähteen. Läpi käydään niin “viattomat” hurmaamiset, viettelemiset kuin turhautuneet kiukunpuuskat. Pentin naisarsenaalista löytyy sekä ujo viltin alla laulaja että raivoava sisäinen eläinkin. Kaikki tämä tehtynä yhtä aikaa sekä häpeämättömän tietoisesti että itseironisestikin. Tämä diiva tuntee voimansa ja uskaltaa käyttää sitä.” (Annikki Alku, Uutispäivä Demari 23.10.2008)

“I Mabel or The Queen of Bones är Liisa Pentti ensam på scenen även om hon i en scen handgripligen assisteras av ljussättaren Mia Kivinen och Aleksi Haapaniemi helt konkret framkallr såväl elektroniska som trummljud i några scener. I princip är det dock Liisa Pentti själv som genererar såväl handling som framställning. Hennes idébaserade verk de- och rekonstruerar divans väsen i en svit sammanhängande scener. Greppet är lekfullt, lätt och fragmentariskt ombytligt. LiisaPentti gör långa kliv från inledningens fotomodellika poserande till avslutningens balettlika scen. På vägen passerar bland annat divaikoner som Edith Piaf, Marlene Dietrich och Maria Callas revy som korta konceptuella referenser. Via kläd- och scenbyten tas arketypiska roller och idéer fram för att i rask takt bytas ut.” (Jan-Peter Kaiku, Hufvudstadsbladet 26.10.2008)

Devastating Wilderness of Bodies (2008)

By Projects




Liisa Pentti worked as house-choreographer of Zodiak – Center for New Dance in 2007–2009. During her house-choreographer residency, she studied movement in the realms of experience and concepts. How does a concept embody itself? How is a bodily experience interpreted into a concept? Within two months four dancers – Giorgio Convertito, Liisa Pentti, Anni Rissanen and Mickaël Stoeckel – researched the different communication forms between movement and thinking, posed impossible tasks for themselves and created danced miniatures through bodily transformation.

The results of this research were presented to the public in three days at the end of March 2008. Each miniature performance included a thematic lecture and a participatory component.

Performance dates: 26.–28.3.2008, Zodiak Studio C4, Helsinki


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